English Subtitles by TRADUKO Soft : Episode Two : “The False Fantasista”

We’re proud to present the first English subtitle release from MysticDistance of TRADUKO Soft. MysticDistance has taken it upon himself to subtitle the blue jacket series in English going forwards. Much care and attention has been put into these subtitles, and they are of very high quality.

We would also like to officially announce MysticDistance as part of the Lupin Central team. We’re excited to have him on board, and look forward to seeing many high quality releases and posts from him in the future.

Here’s a word from the staff behind the release:

Hello there, everyone! After almost three days of waiting, my fansubs of the second episode of Lupin III Part IV (Blue Jacket) are now available for download!

I’ve put a lot of work into these fansubs, and I hope fans of Lupin will enjoy the quality of the subtitles. This also marks my first thing done for Lupin Central, who I am now partnered with. So, expect even more Lupin fansubs and translations in the future, too!

When it came to subbing this, I did my best to make sure it was faithful to the Japanese script, while also making some things a little less literal, such as when Lupin and Jigen say “samurai” instead of Goemon. I kept it as Goemon. Another minor change I made is that in the preview of episode three, I made Jigen’s last line say “You know the channel! Stay tuned for our next episode: “0.2% Chance of Survival” to sound more like the classic series.

You are allowed to reblog this, rehost this, and post this on other sites. Just please credit the fansubs as being done by MysticDistance of TRADUKO Soft. Feel free to spread this around, as I’d love for this to get even more people into the Lupin III series.

To watch the episode, you must have 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the RAR archive, then use Media Player Classic or VLC media player to watch it with subs.

Google Drive: Click to download

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TRADUKO Soft CDN: Click to download

[Source: MysticDistance @ Tumblr]