Image: Cagliostro Cover Art 01

Believe in the power of the poll!

We recently posted information on a poll set up by the staff behind the upcoming Discotek Media release of the 1979 film, The Castle of Cagliostro. The poll quizzed fans on disc artwork - presenting them with a vareity of choices with the option to select a favourite.

The team behind the poll are back again today with yet another vote - this time for the fan favourite version of the DVD cover artwork and slipcase!

Image: Cagliostro Cover Art 02

There are plenty of options to choose from and each one has quite a few differences from the last. There are a total of six cover artworks and four slipcases, so be sure to study each one and cast your votes carefully.

We are not going to post the whole set here. Instead, we urge fans to check out the Discotek Media Cagliostro account on Tumblr. After you have checked out each voting option, head to the StrawPoll links below and cast your votes!

Image: Cagliostro Cover Art 03

Don't forget to tell us your favourites in the comments below. We are voting option two for the cover and option four for the slipcase! Also keep in mind that the Tumblr post mentions that this is for the DVD release only - we may well see something different entirely for the Blu Ray edition, which will launch in the US sometime next year.

The DVD edition of Discotek Media's The Castle of Cagliostro will launch in the US on December 23rd.

[Cast your vote for the DVD cover here: Strawpoll]

[Cast your vote for the slipcover here: Strawpoll]

[Source: Tumblr]