This is great news for Lupin fans in the west!

Discotek Media will be bringing the third Lupin III TV special to DVD in the states next January. Package artwork is currently not final - I would think that it’s very likely we will see that shiny gold “The TV Specials” logo on the final product somewhere!

Image: Promotional Artwork

The 1991 film is directed by Osamu Dezaki, has screenplay by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and character design by Noboru Furuse. Yuji Ohno provides a fantastic score, as always. Napoleon’s Dictionary is 90 minutes in length and the DVD will no doubt feature some great special features, a staple of Discotek Media Lupin products.

The company also took to the post comments and confirmed a December release for the previously announced DVD, The Castle of Cagliostro. The Blu Ray version of the 1979 film is expected to take a little longer and will hit shelves sometime next year.

[Source: Discotek Media on Facebook]