Discotek confirms David Hayter’s involvement in upcoming Cagliostro Blu Ray release, asks for fan questions!

Image: Hayter

Believe in the power of the thief!

While he may no longer be the voice of either, David Hayter has certainly provided admirable performances for both the Snake and the Wolf.

While the actor and screen writer is perhaps more famously known for his portrayal as Solid Snake / Big Boss from the Metal Gear series, Hayter is no stranger to the Lupin franchise. Back in 2000, he along with Geneon’s own Richard Epcar (from the Shin Lupin English dub) provided voice over work for a Manga DVD release of the 1979 feature film, The Castle of Cagliostro.

Now in 2014, Hayter is back once again thanks to the upcoming Blu Ray Discotek Media release of the film - but this time he will be answering YOUR questions!

Discotek are requesting that fans submit their queries to the man himself through a special Ask.FM page, which can be found at the bottom of this post. It’s likely an interview with Hayter will feature on the US bound release alongside the Manga dubbing track, but the exact details are still under wraps.

We think Hayter did a fantastic job voicing Lupin, with a tone of voice that fits Cagliostro Lupin down to a tee. He’s also very fond of Lupin III (and anime in general), often expressing how much he loved taking on the role of the character.

[Submit your questions via: Ask.FM]