Discotek Media have just announced that the blue jacket TV series will be coming to home video in the US next year, complete with subtitles and the new Pioneer / Geneon cast English dub!

The show will be coming to both DVD and Blu-Ray, and will contain all 26 episodes along with some special features. This includes an exclusive interview with the English dub's director and voice of Jigen Daisuke, Richard Epcar.

Check the Twitter link below for a trailer, and hear Oliver, Epcar and company in action! All of the original voice cast are back, sans Jake Martin as Inspector Zenigata, who is now played by Doug Erholtz.

What do you think of the trailer? The returning voice cast? We’re so happy Discotek got hold of the new show, the dub is a huge added bonus! Let us know your thoughts in a reply or comment below!

[Click here to watch the English trailer now over on Twitter!]