Lupin and Disney, together at last! Just - not how you would expect it...

Anime News Network has reported that Disney Pixar are planning a special, discreet cameo appearance of Lady Clarisse's Citroën 2CV in the upcoming animated film, Cars 3.

Image: Citroën 01

John Lasseter of Walt Disney Animation Studios attended the Tokyo International Film Festival last week. During the event, Lasseter gave an inspiring talk on how Hayao Miyazaki's films and Japanese culture affected both his life and career.

As a form of appreciation for The Castle of CagliostroHayao Miyazaki's début film as a director, Lasseter and the crew at Pixar will be including the vehicle in a small cameo as part of their latest film.

Image: Citroën 02

The Cars franchise has proved hugely successful around the world and is now on its third entry (not counting the spin-off, Planes.) The Castle of Cagliostro is a classic film and one that is treasured by the Japanese audience. We think these two things go hand in hand - it's cool to see more of the Lupin vehicles making appearances in other media!

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[Source: Variety]