Hands up who didn't see this coming? No-one? Thought so.

The new TV series has been pushed back from its May 2015 air date in Italy. No new date has been given - but it is still expected to premiere in Italy before it hits NTV in Japan this fall.

It's a shame, but I'm actually quite pleased that it's getting a delay. Added production time isn't a bad thing - the animation team can keep working to make the show even better.

In my personal opinion, the 2012 The Woman Called Fujiko Mine could have benefit from having some extra time in the oven. Rumour was that the animation team for that spin off series were working right up to the deadline to get things done. Thankfully, this doesn't seem to be the case with blue jacket. Good things come to those who wait.

We have no idea how long the delay will be for. It could be days, weeks or months. I'd expect it to hit closer to the end of this year, but stay tuned to Lupin Central as we will let you know as soon as a new date is revealed!

Note: As the new series is delayed, this also means our new series of Sideburns and Suit Jackets will be pushed back to match the new date. We want to release the podcast alongside the new show, so it makes sense to wait.

[Source: C4Comic.it]