Just a quick update regarding the new blue jacket TV series, and its début on NTV in Japan!

Episode one has aired on Japanese TV and was met with a very warm reception, despite a short delay to air due to the rugby game. Fans seem very happy with the quality of the animation, and the updated soundtrack by Yuji Ohno has blown people away. Episode two is set to air next Thursday night, at 25:29 (01:29am on Friday morning.) This will be the standard slot going forwards - Thursday at 25:29.

Meanwhile, episode fifteen is set to air in Italy on Sunday the 4th of October. The show is changing air times, and will hit Mediaset's Italy 1 at 12:40 am CET, which is 6:40 pm CST. The three episode line-up has also been abandoned, and Mediaset will now only show one episode a week.

Best of luck to the show going forwards, in both Italy and Japan. We're still hoping the series is picked up in the west for a home video release. Come on, Discotek Media. All eyes are on you!