This year marks the 35th anniversary of the 1979 animated film, The Castle of Cagliostro. The Hayao Miyazaki directed Lupin classic will be celebrating its birthday on December 15th, just over a week before the Discotek Media DVD release hits the US!

A couple of weeks back we reported that some new Cagliostro themed merchandise was to go on sale at Circle K and Family Mart sometime this month. Today, we have learnt that the goodies are now available for your purchasing pleasure thanks to YouTube user Kenmiyako, who has braved the front lines and picked up a whole bunch of items!

Check out the video above for an in-depth look at each of the items on sale at his local Circle K convenience store. This includes stickers, mugs, shirts, printed artwork, pillows and more. The Lupin, Zenigata and Lady Clarisse statues look to be far larger than we imagined, too.

This is a very cool set of anniversary goods and we can't wait to frantically search eBay in pursuit of one of those statues!

[Source: YouTube]