Image: Newspaper Article 01

Blue jacket Lupin makes Japanese headlines!

It appears that the news of the new Lupin series has made Japanese tabloids this morning. How exciting! The new show will air in 2015, premiering in Italy sometime in the spring. We suspect it will be coming to Japan soon after! [Source: Tumblr]

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Image: New Series 01

New Lupin III TV series coming to Italy and Japan in 2015!

Hold on to your hats folks, because this is BIG news! A new Lupin III TV series is on its way both Italy and Japan. The series features a blue-jacket wearing Lupin, much like in the recent Takeshi Koike spin-off feature film, The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen. The story of

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Image: Cagliostro Merch 01

New Cagliostro merch coming to Japanese convenience stores!

It seems Discotek Media aren't the only ones celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1979 film, The Castle of Cagliostro. TMS will be teaming up with Japanese convenience stores Circle K and Family Mart for a new promotion starting this November. Lucky shoppers can take part in a Lupin themed

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Image: Cagliostro Cover Art 01

Discotek's Cagliostro gets new poll for cover artwork!

Believe in the power of the poll! We recently posted information on a poll set up by the staff behind the upcoming Discotek Media release of the 1979 film, The Castle of Cagliostro. The poll quizzed fans on disc artwork - presenting them with a vareity of choices with the

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Monkey Punch and Kiyoshi Kobayashi attend TMS anniversary event!

Both legends were attending a TMS "50th anniversary of animation" event in Japan earlier this week. It’s so cool to see them both together, friends for over forty years! Monkey Punch (creator of the original Lupin III Manga, pictured on the right) and Kiyoshi Kobayashi (veteran voice actor for

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Discotek poll Cagliostro's disc artwork!

We are still a couple of months away from Discotek Media releasing their latest Lupin III film in the good ol' USA. The team behind the upcoming The Castle of Cagliostro release are currently hard at work designing the packaging and they need your help! Fans can now vote in

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Video: Press conference for upcoming Lupin musical!

Hello, everyone. Leonnie here. I’ve been rather busy lately… but I am back now with some more good news with regards to the upcoming Lupin III musical and revue show by Takarazuka Revue’s Snow Troupe. A press conference was held earlier last week revealing the main cast in

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Image: Shin Oguri

Live action Lupin III film comes to Italy next February!

Italian fans do not have long to wait until they get the chance to catch Shun Oguri and pals in cinemas. The film will be limited to screenings at Indie Cinemas and is currently set for Febuary 2015 - only a few months away! It’s inevitable that a DVD

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