Discotek Cagliostro anniversary DVD delayed until January 6th

Due to troubles with production, the upcoming DVD release of The Castle of Cagliostro is being delayed by a couple of weeks. Reed Nelson has taken to Twitter and announced the news earlier today. The DVD's have been printed, so there is a chance you may recieve your

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Yuji Ohno's new album is now UP on Amazon!

The latest album from Ohno and the Lupintic Five is now available to purchase for 3,240 yen. The site also includes short previews of each track at the bottom of the page - so be sure to check them out! We definitely recommend checking out that version of the

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Live action film coming to home video in Japan on Feb 18th!

The recent live action adaption of the Lupin III franchise is getting a home video release next February. Both DVD and Blu Ray versions will be receiving a two disc special edition, which includes an exclusive case and some additional features. The film stars Shun Oguri as Lupin and was

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New Lupin magazine + DVD collection due next year!

Lupin III Part One and Part Two magazine and DVD collection coming soon to Japan! It seems TMS will be bringing the green and red jacket series to DVD once again in Japan, as part of a collection bundled with a bi-weekly magazine from Kodansha. TV episodes will release at

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Yuji Ohno uploads preview of UPcoming album!

How cool is this? Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five have just uploaded a short preview of their new album, UP. The preview contains a new variation of the 1989 Lupin III theme song with a pretty snazzy music video to boot. It's great to see the guys still going

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Image: DVD

Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone is available now!

Don't forget - Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone has now been released on DVD and Blu Ray in Japan! This two part, 50-minute film is directed by Takeshi Koike and acts as a spiritual successor to the 2012 spin-off TV series, The Woman Named Fujiko Mine. You can purchase the film at

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Image: From Russia with Love Cover

Discotek bringing From Russia With Love to DVD!

Discotek Media are on a roll just lately! The next Lupin TV special on their release list will be 1992's From Russia With Love and according to their Facebook page, you should expect it sometime during 2015. Due to copyright reasons with the original film's title, this new release is

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Image: Zenigata Manga Cover 01

Captain Zenigata volume five is coming soon!

It seems the latest issue of the Inspector Zenigata themed spin-off manga series, Captain Zenigata, will be available to purchase shortly. This will be the fifth in the long running series, which has featured in the official Lupin III magazine for a number of years. The artwork and story are

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