Image: Pamphlet

Live action pamphlets now available!

Pamphlets for the live-action film are now available in cinemas in Japan! Be sure to get a copy, as they contain a lot of great information, such as cast and staff interviews. [Source: Zenigata Movie @ Twitter]...

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Image: Poster

New Lupin III: The Musical poster is up!

A full-sized promotional poster for the upcoming Lupin III musical and revue show performed by Takarazuka Revue’s Snow Troupe has been released. Along with Lupin III and Marie-Antoinette, other characters from the series also make their appearance in this poster. The catchphrase on the right side reads: “The next...

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RAH Shun Oguri figurine due May 2015!

An official release window has now been announced for the upcoming MediCom RAH Lupin III figurine. The mini-Shun will be gracing households at some point during the month of May next year. The price is set at 21,450 yen, which is around a whopping $200 / £120. Judge for yourselves...

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Lupin the Sounds: Love Squall

Here's some lovely music from Yuji Ohno to brighten up your afternoon. Love Squall originally featured as an ending theme to the 1970's Shin Lupin TV series. It has since become the theme tune of Mine Fujiko and is often used in the yearly TV specials. What’s your favourite...

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Daisuke Jigen's fingernail art!

New, fancy LUPIN THE IIIRD: Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone nail stickers are available! There are two different types and it looks like each set is priced at ¥1,500. While online sales via トムスショップ (TMS web store) will begin soon (a date has yet to be provided), you can get...

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Live action Lupin bread-based update!

You may remember we recently posted up an update on a cross-promotion between the upcoming Lupin III film and Japanese convenience stores NEWDAYS and Kiosk. Today we would like to share a little more information on each product. A big thanks to our reporter Leonnie for both the news and...

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Lupin Central staff update!

Today I would like to take a small amount of time introducing a couple of new staff members to our site, along with re-introducing the fine folks behind Lupin Central so far. Without further ado, here are the oldbies! Founder, Editor. Hello! I’m Lee and I became a big...

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Image: Live Action Figurine

New images of RAH Shun Oguri figurine!

A little while back we announced a new figurine from MediCom Toys. This latest addition to the Real Action Heroes line of toys stars Shun Oguri, as he appears in the live action Lupin III film. Today we are able to share a few new pictures of the figurine. The...

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