Even more live action Lupin III coverage from Japanese TV!

I think it’s safe to say that the Japanese media is pretty excited for the new live action film. There has been so much coverage on TV, with behind the scenes footage and cast interviews being shown left, right and centre! This shorter, seven minute coverage shows off even...

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Lupin the Third is WANTED!

Japanese newspapers will be displaying advertisements for the live action film this week. The advertisements feature Shun Oguri on a big WANTED poster. Information about the films release and cast is included at the bottom. This video though. There is something terribly off about it. Did they really need to...

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The live action Lupin III film is in cinemas across Japan RIGHT NOW!

Japanese television featured a special broadcast this morning, revealing lots of new information on the film. The twenty five minute documentary celebrates the films release with plenty of new footage, behind the scenes material and snippets from the red carpet premier event. There is even an extended look at the...

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Monkey Punch makes cameo appearance in live action film!

How cool is this? Creator of the original 1967 Lupin III manga, Kazuhiko Katō, makes a special cameo apperence in the recently released live action film! The 77 year old artist makes an apperence as a passenger on a plane, kicking back and drinking whiskey. Of course, Lupin is also...

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Image: Live Action Merch

Live action Lupin merchandise now available!

These live action Lupin III goodies can be found in cinema lobbies across Japan starting from today! The film aired to the general public for the very first time yesterday. It’s said that mixed reactions have been given by those who have attended advanced screenings - some saying they...

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Lupin III VS Detective Conan is coming to Scotland!

Lupin and Conan will be returning once again this October, hitting the big screen as part of the Scotland Loves Anime festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The film will be showing at The Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh and at the Glasgow Film Theater in Glasgow. The Edinburgh festival runs between...

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Image: Pamphlet

Live action pamphlets now available!

Pamphlets for the live-action film are now available in cinemas in Japan! Be sure to get a copy, as they contain a lot of great information, such as cast and staff interviews. [Source: Zenigata Movie @ Twitter]...

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Image: Poster

New Lupin III: The Musical poster is up!

A full-sized promotional poster for the upcoming Lupin III musical and revue show performed by Takarazuka Revue’s Snow Troupe has been released. Along with Lupin III and Marie-Antoinette, other characters from the series also make their appearance in this poster. The catchphrase on the right side reads: “The next...

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